Man of Steel

I waited for ‘Man of Steel‘ for sooo long.  They released information about the movie back in 2010 and it wasn’t until this year the movie came out.  The older series was dying.

Let me correct myself already.  Have you seen Superman 4.  He’s a handy review.

Superman 3 and 4 were terrible.  Go to a dictionary and look up the word terrible.  You will see a picture of Superman 4 in the margins.  (Overused metaphor?)  Superman 5 wasn’t terrible though.  I know that is a controversial statement but I liked it.  The plot holes were obscene but so is Superman.  Although it wasn’t meant to be a wrap up of the series it closed the series very well. The movie was very quiet and nostalgic.  It was nice to see some of the updated graphics and superman.  The bullet to the eye was a nice parlor trick.

Moving on, Superman 5 didn’t do well.  The critics didn’t give it high reviews but it wasn’t universally hated.   Superman should have made more money though so another movie wasn’t green lighted.  The hub bub of the Dark Knight and how well it did in the box office sparked some new life in the genre.

A movie was ordered.  Our good friend Zack Snyder was chosen to direct the movie and the prodigal writer Christopher Nolan also had a hand in the writing of the new movie.    Thus we have ‘Man of Steel’

I’ve been a fan of Superman for years so it was nice to see a new start to the series.

Overall I was pretty underwhelmed by the movie.  It’s a good movie but with all of the hype the movie got it wasn’t worth the wait.  I liked the action, see below, but the story was a little thin.  I spent the extra cash to see the movie in IMAX so I felt a little let down.  Let me dig into this for you.

Clark spends a lot of time wandering the planet because he’s looking for his path in life.  The movie creators spend some time showing us how Clark has been damaged because of the lack of this father in his life.  The movie flashes back quite a few times to show us Clarks’s childhood on Earth.  Papa Kent spent almost Clark’s entire childhood insisting and teaching his son to hide himself no matter what.  It defined Clark and sets the tone for the rest of the movie.  Clark is damaged goods.  But with his superior skills and strength he is destined to be great.

There is a scene where Zac spends time explaining to us how Clark’s foster father dies during a tornado.  It shows the thinness of the film but also the holes in the movie.   I saw his death as a very non emotional time that didn’t make any sense.  Your son that can literally lift a continent into space is 10 feet away and Papa Kent tells him not to save him.  What? What? Why?  Clark couldn’t slip away and save the day at a million miles per hour?  Biggest downside to this movie for me.

This movie isn’t terrible so let me get into the good parts.

The action in this movie is amazing.  I really enjoyed this aspect of the movie.  From what I hear the estimated damage done in the action scenes of this movie was more than the ‘Avengers‘ had.  For example the the fighting between Kal-El and the other Kryptonians was very well done in particular.  It looked like two Gods were fighting against each other.  Punching each others while flying, literally, through buildings.  The city was destroyed because of their actions, not slightly damaged like in previous Superman movies.   It was really spectacular.  The final fight where Clarks ends negotiations with Zod is well done.

Some people have actually complained that there were too many action scenes in the movie.  I agree on this complaint.  They should have spent a little more time between the Lois and Clark.  Why does Clark insist on talking to her while he’s held captive by the government?  I have no idea.

Let’s sum this up.  84 out of 100.

For Attebiz Movie Reviews this is Nathan.


I recently had a chance to see the movie Immortals in theater.  I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I ended up going by myself. Lets save the pity for another time.

Immortals is a ‘300’ like movie that features some newer names and ideas.  We have the battle between the immortals, the Gods and the Titans.   The movie was more about the humans though, the story for a peasant boy that watched his mother die and how he arose to become a God in the end of the movie.

One of the major reasons I wanted to watch this movie was because of the main actor, Henry Cavill, the new lead as Clark Kent in ‘Man of Steal’.  I really enjoyed his screen presence.  Interesting to see a British actor in the superman role, but he fit well in this movie.  He said his lines strongly, without arrogance that Russell Crowe has, but the beef that Gerald Butler has.

The rest of the roles were so so.  I don’t have anything to complain about them though, all done better than anything I could ever do.  I generally don’t like Mickey Rourke, he did a decent job though as the antagonist.  The female lead was stronger than most, played by the beautiful Freida Pinto.

The movie had amazing special effects.  Quite amazing actually.  I want to comment on this.  Many people believe that special effects don’t count when you review a movie.  I find this to be completely not true. I do though believe that the story needs to be strong, and the major focus behind the need for CGI.  I find it interesting that many movies include nudity, sometimes it just seems like it’s there to grab the teenager boys into the movie theater.   Imagine a musical without sets, the ‘Phantom of the Opera‘ without the chandelier falling down.  Watching a movie is an experience, if CGI adds to the experience, then so be it.  The CGI was gritty, like ‘300’, but it had it’s own twist on certain fight moves.  I especially liked how the Gods and Titans fought, it added a lot to the experience and even the story for me.

The story was a little weak, I will admit that.  As much as I enjoyed this movie, the story could have been more epic.  The final battle between the humans was weak, and needed a little more attention.  I’m not really sure why they went to war.  Was it because of the the one faction’s mistreatment?  I’m not sure.

I’m going to rate this higher than most people because I walked out really enjoying the movie I just watched, but I want to be fair to the film and criticize the bad story.  This movie earns a 75% from Attebiz Movie Reviews.  This is Nathan Atteberry signing off.