City of Angels


City of Angels stars Meg Ryan, Nicholas Cage, and Dennis Franz in a “modern classic’ film.  Seth (portrayed by Cage) is a guadian angel in the city of New York.  While in an operating room helping out a young girl that recently got into an accident to heaven the surgeon (Meg Ryan) notices him.  The movie revolves around Seth falling in love with that doctor and falling from heaven to be mortal so that he could love her as a human.

This movie is very touching.  Almost moving in a way.  The performances are well done (contrary to Jordan’s belief) even Nicholas Cage did a good job.  Why don’t we slow down, stop for a minute and love and enjoy the moments we are given.  Seth gave up his mortality to be with the woman he loved.  How many of us would do the same?

The movie isn’t very mainstream, the pacing is fast enough, but lacks action or any suspense.  I’m perfectly happy with this.  It could have been just a little longer to include more dialoge between Cage and Ryan.  I didn’t really understand why he loved her so much, or why she felt the same about him.

My verdict is 75%.  Go out and rent this film if you have the chance. You can find it on Netflix Instant View.

This is Nathan Atteberry for attebiz movie reviews.  Merry Christmas everyone.

The Pelican Brief

I recently had the chance to watch the Pelican Brief. The film is a little old, 1993, making it 17 years old, but still a good movie. The movie stars Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington and is based on a John Grisham novel. The movie covers a conspiracy in the white house as it pertains to oil money. I don’t want to go too far into the plot, since it’s worth spending some time watching it.

Acting –

The film has some big names in it, and they all do a decent job in the movie.  Denzel does a superb job as usual.  His acting is solid, and he does the job without any obvious errors.  It was decent, and I enjoyed him in this movie.  Have you ever noticed that all of the roles he portrays seem to be the same character.  Perhaps he isn’t a good actor, just has a good manager.

Julia Roberts portrays the intelligent 24 year old that figures out the conspiracy.  I think she’s gorgeous, but I never liked her as an actor.  But that’s just me I suppose since everyone else seems to like her.  For the role she was required to portray, she played it well.

Storyline/Plot –

Like I said before, even though the movie is quite old, it’s worth going out to rent.  So I don’t want to tell you guys too much.  The story is really good.  If you ever have a chance, go out and get the book, it’s a very John Grisham like story, and I love his work.  It’s very suspenseful, always a good choice for a movie.  Go to your local library and get the book, it’s worth it.

I would give this movie a 90 out of a 100.  It’s worth a DVD purchase.