Ant Man and the Wasp

Today I was given the chance to watch the latest Ant-Man movie, dubbed Ant-Man and the Wasp. I want to give my opinion before reading any other post online so here it is.
Overall I liked this movie and I think it may be the most enjoyable movie out since Dead Pool 2. The best MCU movie of the year. It’s no secret in the circle of friends that I hang out with that I didn’t really care for Infinity War. I thought the movie was slightly boring and just so-so. Lots of hype for nothing. This movie really gave us a better, more rounded movie.


I thought the action was well done in the movie. Some of the choreography was new and very creative for what you could do with someone that could shrink, and enlarge themselves at will. I was always at the edge of my seat and I really enjoy that feeling while watching a movie. The possibilities are endless having that power and they gave us some cool shots of what could be done.
Slight tangent, MCU has finally started to show some of the hero’s powers more effectively.  In Thor 3 we were able to see a solid 5 minutes of Thor using Mjolnir. That was some of the most creative use of a magical hammer I could think of. Those 5 minutes were better than the previous 2 Thor movies combined. I think this movie continues the use of portraying weapons better and I really appreciate it.


Back to Ant-Man – I thought the acting was well done overall. No one had a breakout performance but no one really sucked. I enjoyed Paul Rudd (and who doesn’t) and his performance was solid as usual. The weakest character was most likely Ghost but more to come on her later.

The two things I didn’t like about this movie was the main villain and the fact that some of the humor seemed forced. At two distinct times, it was actually quite bad. Luis did a great job in Ant-Man 1 but this time he was at times annoying. Not terrible but not good. MCU has a certain pedigree to it and even the ‘bad’ stuff is better than many other movies.


The villain is maybe one of the worst in the MCU, maybe second to that of GoTG1. Ghost was boring, forgettable and lacking any redeeming character. We are meant to feel bad for her as she was forced to live with endless pain every day but they portrayed it really poorly. I didn’t care at all. I think they would have been better off not having a villain and giving us something the main characters were fighting for instead of an enemy.


For Attebiz Movie Reviews, this is Nathan Atteberry

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