Mr. Peabody & Sherman

I recently got the chance to take my family, my sister and my ‘baby’ brother to the movies.  We watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

There is one particular thing I want to mention about this movie before I move forward.

It’s nice to see a father figure in a role that promotes the idea of becoming a father instead of making the father look like an oaf.  Too many times in movies and TV shows fathers appear to have mud as brains.  Society is in need of fathers, and although I’m not one yet it is clear that they are needed today more than they have ever been.  Mothers birth children, yes, but the father’s role is always overlooked.  Broken families sadly, often, bring broken children.  Sometimes it’s not possible to fix these broken families I understand.  Mothers, please continue doing the great job you are doing.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is based on a skit that was apart of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.  The small segments were fun but short but packed a lot of heart.  This movie was true to the original minus the bit about being short.

Mr. Peabody is a genius dog that adopts a boy, Sherman, and becomes his father.   Because of his status with helping politicians, creating inventions, and so forth he is able to convince the courts to grant him the adoption of Sherman.  Usually, this is the other way around but the movie talks not of this oddity.    The two, soon accompanied by the local bully girl, have fun across time and space to meet some funny historical figures.  We see them meet Leonardo Da Vinci, the Trojan war, the French Revolution and numerous other historical events.

The antagonist of this movie is actually the CPS worker that disagrees with a ‘dog’ taking care of a human child.  The movie goes to great length to show that even a dog can love a human like a real son.  Even if that means defending his right to his son.

The graphics were on par with the movies of today.  The CGI was solid but also cartoonish at times.  This was done on purpose with great effect.  The time machine’s effects were very cool and the final shots were amazing looking.

This movie is a very funny movie for the ENTIRE family.  There aren’t many out there nowadays.  Please take the time to take your children, grandchildren, etc.

This movie is a solid 80 out of a 100.

This is Nathan Atteberry for Attebiz movie reviews.

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