Gravity, a film starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, depicts a doomed space shuttle repair mission that takes place in orbit around Earth. I dislike spoilers in movie reviews, so I will simply hint at the plot: US Space Shuttle vs. Raging Russian Space Debris.

The film contains breath-taking cinematics, dizzying realism, and an extremely focused cast of characters. We find ourselves experiencing oxygen issues, contending with Russian space debris, and near miss after near miss. Few films have elicited an emotional outburst from me, but I have to admit

I yelled at the screen during this flick. Thankfully, Bullock’s character took my advice in that particular instance.

I would warn folks who have a legitimate fear of heights and/or suffocating to consider avoiding this movie. Not being overly fond of either of these, after the movie, I had to actively “unclench” and release the stress induced from Gravity’s space antics. I think unclenching after a movie is a sign of two hours well spent.

I would rate Gravity 4.5 Beards out of 5 Beards, and mock you openly if you haven’t yet made plans to see this movie.

Movie review by The Beard

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