Let’s be up front about this movie.  This critic feels very overwhelmed by this movie.  This movie seems to be a movie a little beyond my critic ability.  Readers reading this should refrain from saying things like “well than you just shouldn’t review it then” and but instead suggest edits so this critic can grow to be the best darn critic in the world.

Full Metal Jacket is a great movie.  Flat out great.  This movie was from the late 80’s and was written from a solider’s point of view during the Vietnam War.

We have some favorites of mine.  One being Adam Baldwin.  This guy is hilarious.  Stanley Kubrick is the director at the helm here.  Click the link for more information on him.  The main actor though is Matthew Modine.

Matthew or ‘Joker’ starts off at boot camp and has to undertake the hardship of being beaten down, almost literally, every day during basic.  The movie was very detailed and straightforward on how bad the experience was.  The men woke up crazy early every morning, ran, drilled, were screaming at every single day.  The process was designed to break them down.  They became completely rebuilt as soldiers instead of ‘boys’.  IMDB‘s trivial section talks about the Drill Sargent in the movie and how he actually was one in the Marines.  He was intense.  This detail was very important to me and it really showed the movie’s realistic details and pedigree.

The loser of the group goes through a lot of pain.  Being overweight and not as physically ept as the rest of his buddies he grows hatred for the men around him.  The drill Sargent ‘helps’ the soldier out by punishing the rest of the platoon instead of him for his transgressions.  The platoon learns to hate the kid and in a sad moment of human society.  They beat him in the middle of the night, ‘breaking’ him finally down.

The latter part of the movie shows the men jumping between bunker and bunker.  The camera follows the men very closely.  I really enjoyed this part of the movie.  It seemed uncharacteristic of the movies of the generation.  The camera was appeared to be a shaky cam following the guys.  I could be wrong but the foot work behind this scene looked amazing.  I felt that while watching the one scene I was down in the grind with the guys and I loved the experience.

Is this the best movie ever?  No.  But it is worth the watch.  Keep it away from children.  This movie is a solid 85%,

For Attebiz movie reviews this is Nathan Atteberry

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