Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

I finally had some time to watch the new Marvel TV show that’s on ABC.  It’s a fun show and fairly easy to watch.

The show reminded me a lot of Alias.  Alias was smart, fun, but it didn’t require much from the viewer.  For example for those of you that are LOST fans, could you miss a show and know what was going on?  I started AOS on episode three on accident and I still could comprehend.  I thought it was a weird way to start the show but I still followed it fairly well.

The cast seems solid but inexperienced.  Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen join the cast as most the most experienced cast members.  The rest of the cast members are bland and very young.    The hot gun of the group, played by Brett Dalton, could be the weakest in my opinion of the group.  I would like to see the show dive into the lives of the characters a little more than it has so far.  To be fair though it’s only been three episodes.  Shows like Night Rider failed because of the lack of emotion.  The lack of human feelings.  The technology in this show is is great but the dialogue is weak (thus far).

I’m excited to see more and see what the show has to offer.

I’ve Nathan Atteberry for Attebiz movie reviews.

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