The Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises is the epic finale to Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.   This movie for sure went out with a bang, as any conclusion movie should go.

So lets start with the beginning.  The bad guys include Catwoman (to be fair she is at first) and primary Bane.  Other bad guys appear but that would ruin the plot for you.  The story happens eight years after the last film, the last time Batman was seen in Gotham City.  Since then the city streets have been cleaned, the crime rate is the lowest is has been in decades.  All thanks to the death of Harvey Dent.  With his death legislation was passed that gave the police department more power than they use to have.  At this time there is no need for Batman.  As in any good story there is a hidden evil force bubbling up, waiting to bring the city back into chaos.

Lets leave the plot at that.  It’s quite the story and if you’ve seen the movie you don’t need me to cover everything.

This Batman Movie is really slow to start.  Very slow, and too long in my estimation.  It needed to easily be half an hour shorter.  Some of your younger crowd will find the length (165 minutes) to be too long.   I have to agree, the movie was too long and most people will find it hard to sit through.  I have a strong bladder so I was fine, but still.  Almost venturing on LOTR times here.  Some of the action scenes in the beginning were to say the least boring.  I found myself wanting more.  The ‘mystical’ comic book Bat-Plane was introduced in the beginning of the film.  A contraption I could have lived without, but I suppose it helped the conclusion.  It was cool, but needed a little more excitement.  It lacked the ‘sweet’ factor that the bat ‘tank’ had in movie two.  Remember when the semi flipped due to the bat bike?

Another thing that was a let down in this film was some of the holes in the plot.  Reminded me a lot of Star Trek.  Star Trek was an amazing movie, but with the crazy, hard to cope with, plot points it takes away from the amazing-ness of the movie.  How did Bruce make it back to America so fast?  How does Bruce get his legal affairs in order so quick?  Why does no one notice that Bruce and Batman die at the same time?  How did he make time for the fire batman symbol when the city was under martial law?  How does Batman recover from a broken back and get into perfect fighting shape in only 5 months?  How is Batman’s secret so easy to figure out?  Why was Catwoman in the movie again?  Why did the cops stop following Bane?

Either way the final action scenes were good.  I disagreed with many critics online about this.  Batman had a reason to win the fight against Bane in the end.  The willpower he had from watching his city burn brought him extra strength that he lacked before when his back was broken.  It was a critical moment in the movie.  He had to fight bane, for the safety of this city.  The city that his parents loved so much.  The city he vowed to take care of.

Acting was good as it should be.  Is it just me or does Mr. Nolan use the same actors over and over.

Music, excellent.  Hans Zimmer is to thank.

I enjoyed this movie quite a bit.  The hidden plot point and everything.  It was a fitting end to the trilogy.  I give this movie a 85%.

This is Nathan for Attebiz Movie Reviews.

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