Hunger Games

The summer movie season starts off with the Hunger Games.  Adapted from the book “Hunger Games” written by Suzanne Collins it takes place in a future society that is seeing the effects of a major war.  The world is broken apart in different districts that are all under the control of a region called the capitol.  The capitol holds yearly a ‘game’ in which two people, a boy and a girl, from each district compete in an arena to the death. The idea behind the games is to keep control over the districts by instilling fear into them.  Why would they even think about revolting.

I liked this movie, but I had some things that irked me about the film and I want to mention them. Overall this was an excellent movie, but I would have done some tweaking if I was the producer.  I was able to read about half of the first book before going to watch this movie, so some of my thoughts might be biased.  I’m not as strict as the J-man when it comes to reviewing a movie outside of the scope of the book.  Although I do agree a movie needs to stand for itself, sometimes books have too much detail and a little knowledge from the books helps.  It’s a fine line.

1. Music.  I can’t recall any form of a sound track.  Where was it?  This is a strange thing to say because a lot of other reviewers praised the movie’s sound track, but I felt the opposite.  It was too quiet.  A stronger sound track would have evoked more emotion from me.  The movie tried portraying Katniss as a strong character but she was so reserved and quiet that a sound track should have filled the gap.

2. Haymitch. Poor casting on this guy.  I normally like Woody Harrelson but he was not well suited for this role.  Haymitch was a drunk, a constantly intoxicated man that everyone despised.  The book portrayed him has a man without a care.  I pictured him as a overweight person suffering from “I use to be someone” syndrome.

3.  Pacing.  Really half the movie was boring.  Large, suppose to be epic, scenes were too short.  Perhaps this is from the inner dialog that is written in the book, there was quite a bit of it.  Her actions seem unjustified and sometimes confusing.  Why are we spending so much time on some of her actions when they never get explained?  The ending fight scene seemed too story and underwhelming.  I know this contradicts the book but for a high paced action movie a little more fighting would have helped.

Don’t get me wrong, I recommend watching this movie, but I hope a directors cut will come out.  It got a lot of criticism for the story line.  Too juvenile, high school oriented.  Get over yourself, crabby movie reviewers. This movie is about teenagers, perhaps it’s going to have teenager drama.  It’s a PG-13 movie because it’s geared towards teenagers.  We don’t need a rated R movie with F bombs and nudity.

I deem this as a 85 out of 100.

This is Nathan Atteberry with Attebiz movie reviews.

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