War Horse

War Horse is a drama based on some events from World War I.   A drunk/lazy farmer buys a horse in an auction and brings it home to till his rocky field.  His son, the main lead in this film, sets out to train the horse so this can happen.

The boy trains the horse and the horse almost literally becomes the boy’s best friend.  No one believes that a small horse like Joey can pull the till, but the boy has faith and trudges on to till the entire field is completed.  It was a very emotional moment in the movie.  After the field is finished the worthless drunk father sells the horse to the war department.  The next hour of the film is the audience following the horse as it goes from owner to owner, German and English sides, and even to a young German girl.

The film is most certainly a Steven Speilberg directed film as many of you might know.  If you didn’t know well you need to read more.  He has a sense of making movies epic, but emotionally drawing at the same time.   I think it fits well into this movie.  It seems almost designed to make you cry.  Although I didn’t, because I’m a man and that comes with a sense of pride, my wife cried quite a bit during the movie as I know yours will too.  It’s understandable though, the scenes were very intense.

Well for those of you worried about this animal movie.  The horse does not die.  Thank goodness.  Again this movie was pretty intense and I wouldn’t recommend that you take your children to it just because a horse is in it.  There is a decently brutal scene where Joey gets tagled in barg wire.  Was it hard to watch, yes, but moments in which you cry make you stronger I believe.

The cast wasn’t remarkable but it wasn’t bad.  Acceptable is a good word.  There are some well known British actors like Jeremy Irvine and Harry Potter’s David Thewlis.

I loved this music, but it was a little much in the first hour.

This movie gets a 89%.  For Attebiz movie reviews this is Nathan Atteberry

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