Hugo is a movie that recently came out to theaters staring Ben KingsleySacha Baron CohenChloë Moretz (the swearing little girl from Kick Ass), and Asa Butterfield.  We also have a bit role of Hugo’s father played by Jude Law.  And of course the film is directed by the famous Martin Scorsese.  The movie is based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret.  The story is about a boy that is orphaned in the walls of the train station in Paris.  He is left there by his uncle that fixes all the clocks in the train station.  Because his uncle is a drunk that disappeared and the fact that the clocks remained running no one noticed that the boy was living in the station every night.

Well lets see here. I found the visual effects amazing on this movie.  The entire film was beautiful.  The night sky of Paris could make the least romantic of us feel like buying our lady some flowers.  Not to say that this movie is a chick flick, it just personifies the magic of Paris and the romance that comes with it.

I thought the film was likable and easy to fall in love with.  Was it the best film of the year?  No.  I thought it was worth the movie theater prices and perhaps a rental in the future.   The film reminded me a lot of Autumn Rush, the feeling of good rushing through your body afterwards.   Watching a boy loose his father (sorry spoiler) to going to a family that loves him dearly is a nice turn of events.

A lot of critics rated this movie very high, and I agree it’s a good movie.  Visually striking and a soul winner, but overall this movie bored  me.  I thought it was about 30-45 mintues too long and needed a trim.
For that I give this movie a 85 out of 100.  This is Nathan Atteberry for Attebiz Movie Reviews.

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