I recently had a chance to see the movie Immortals in theater.  I couldn’t find anyone to go with me, I ended up going by myself. Lets save the pity for another time.

Immortals is a ‘300’ like movie that features some newer names and ideas.  We have the battle between the immortals, the Gods and the Titans.   The movie was more about the humans though, the story for a peasant boy that watched his mother die and how he arose to become a God in the end of the movie.

One of the major reasons I wanted to watch this movie was because of the main actor, Henry Cavill, the new lead as Clark Kent in ‘Man of Steal’.  I really enjoyed his screen presence.  Interesting to see a British actor in the superman role, but he fit well in this movie.  He said his lines strongly, without arrogance that Russell Crowe has, but the beef that Gerald Butler has.

The rest of the roles were so so.  I don’t have anything to complain about them though, all done better than anything I could ever do.  I generally don’t like Mickey Rourke, he did a decent job though as the antagonist.  The female lead was stronger than most, played by the beautiful Freida Pinto.

The movie had amazing special effects.  Quite amazing actually.  I want to comment on this.  Many people believe that special effects don’t count when you review a movie.  I find this to be completely not true. I do though believe that the story needs to be strong, and the major focus behind the need for CGI.  I find it interesting that many movies include nudity, sometimes it just seems like it’s there to grab the teenager boys into the movie theater.   Imagine a musical without sets, the ‘Phantom of the Opera‘ without the chandelier falling down.  Watching a movie is an experience, if CGI adds to the experience, then so be it.  The CGI was gritty, like ‘300’, but it had it’s own twist on certain fight moves.  I especially liked how the Gods and Titans fought, it added a lot to the experience and even the story for me.

The story was a little weak, I will admit that.  As much as I enjoyed this movie, the story could have been more epic.  The final battle between the humans was weak, and needed a little more attention.  I’m not really sure why they went to war.  Was it because of the the one faction’s mistreatment?  I’m not sure.

I’m going to rate this higher than most people because I walked out really enjoying the movie I just watched, but I want to be fair to the film and criticize the bad story.  This movie earns a 75% from Attebiz Movie Reviews.  This is Nathan Atteberry signing off.

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