Tower Heist

Ben Stiller stars in this comedy caper flick about a group of employees of an upscale apartment building in NYC who try to rob a man who defrauded them and completely wiped out their pension.  Eddie Murphy, Michael Pena, Casey Affleck and Matthew freaking Broderick co-star.

So what did I think of it?


First, the good.  Tower Heist is a funny  movie.  There are some really great one-liners in this movie.  I found myself laughing out loud several times.  Eddie Murphy returns to form very well in this movie, and his character provided some of the biggest laughs.  And ultimately, with a comedy, it doesn’t really matter what the acting, cinematography, writing or storytelling does.  If it can make you laugh, that’s all that matters.

That being said, the third act I found myself getting a bit antsy.  Toward the end of the film, there were several scenes in a row that were painfully predictable.  As in, within the first 5 seconds of any given scene, you knew EXACTLY what was going to happen for the next 3-4 minutes.  Granted, I wasn’t expecting terribly much dramatic tension in this movie, but it got to be a bit tiresome.  And it wasn’t just me, the group I was in, we took turns calling out what was going to happen in each scene right when it started.

That being said, I left the theater having enjoyed myself.  Will it ever make it to my DVD collection?  Probably not.  But for a fun distraction for two hours, it’s not too shabby.  Check it out.

67 out of 100

For Attebiz Movie Reviews, I’m the J-Man.

2 thoughts on “Tower Heist

  1. Made me laugh and held my interest more than it should have, given how sloppy it is. Call it an acceptable bit of B-minus work from a C student. Good review.

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