Fall Recap

So it’s been a while since I found the inspiration to write, primarily because I haven’t been to the theater very much of late.  However, over the course of the last month I have found my way to my local Celebration Cinema thrice.  Here are my thoughts on those films that I have been able to see.


This was a great movie.   What carries it primarily is the acting of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  He really is one of my favorite actors working right now.  Even though I’m not a huge fan of some of his movies, I’m yet to see him deliver a poor performance.  In this particular film, he brings a lot of humanity to the role, underplaying the role of a normal guy so that he feels like a real person, and actually builds in some flaws as well.  Part of that is due to the screenplay, which gives the characters a lot of depth.  Even the main characters girlfriend, who is…let’s just say….a bit bitchy is developed reasonably well.  She’s not a bad person, she just reacts poorly to the circumstances that she is put in.  The only weak point of the film is that while he was funny a few times, Seth Rogen played his character with all the Seth Rogen-ness that we’ve come to expect from Seth Rogen.  Everything else was underplayed with such normalcy that Seth Rogen playing himself feels out of place.  But even that isn’t a huge detriment to the film.


Oh, and I cried.  Just a little bit.

 92 out of 100


From the producers of The Blind Side comes another film that awkwardly shoehorns a real life story into a tired Hollywood formula by combining a misrepresentation of the actual facts with just enough schmaltz and flash to fool you into thinking that it’s not a Lifetime Original Movie.

I’m just joking.

But seriously, that’s what this is.

It does certain things really well.  The acting is solid across the board.  Brad Pitt continued to show his brilliance, and even Jonah Hill showed some range.  The cinematography is excellent, brilliantly subtle in the way it structures shots.  It communicates emotions to the viewer in a way that is not showy.  The dialogue too is well written.  So what’s the problem?  It’s just boring.  By the time the second hour rolled around, I just didn’t care anymore.  The film seemed to have one point that it wanted to communicate, so it kept harping on it over and over and over again.  It just hit me with the idea until I just lost interest.  And the film seems to think that its viewers recently suffered a head trauma, because the last two scenes in the movie basically explain what emotional state the characters are in, right after Jonah Hill basically looking straight into the camera and explaining a metaphor.

Oh, and the research the real life events that this movie is based on.  It oversimplifies the concept of moneyball and the 2002 Oakland A’s season beyond belief.

So yeah, I didn’t like it, but it’s still a very well made film.

62 out of 100

Real Steel

This is a silly, silly movie.  It rips off at least half of the Rocky movies really blatantly, the characters have no subtlety and the bad guys are the bad guys because shut up, that’s why.  But you know what?  I enjoyed it.  It ridiculous in every way imaginable, but as the credits rolled, I found that I enjoyed it.  It’s stupid fun, but I had a good time.

Watch it once.

 70 out of 100.

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