The Big Year

The big year staring Jack Black, Steve Martin and Owen Wilso is a movie about bird watching.  One might think that a movie about bird watching and the sort of cast that this movie had, this movie would have been as funny as some of the big names right now like Hangover or brides maids.  This movie wasn’t funny at all.  Not funny what-so-ever.  Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be funny Nathan, ok lets go down the list

Not a comedy

Not a romance

Not an action film

Not a mystery

Not a super hero/villian story

Personal Struggle? Not really

Kid Movie? Nope

The only thing that I gleaned from this movie is that sometimes to live a full live you have to be home with family.  I’m not really sure other than that.  I was so dissappointed with this film that I just wanted my money back.  Let me calm down here.

This movie wasn’t technically bad, but it wasn’t good either.  I can’t understand how they afforded these big name actors but never used their abilities.  This movie should have been a comedy, because that’s what the actors here do best.

The plot was just out there, and it didn’t catch my attention at all.

Stewart (Steve Martin) was struggling with his own mortality.  I can understand that as a big deal.  The movie made it clear that this was a huge conflict for the character.  Ok, that’s great.  Lets talk about that.  But they didn’t.  So many opportunities wasted.

This movie had a lot more to it.  But I’m wasting my time.

35% out of 100.  You should mute the sound because the landscapes were amazing.

This is Mr. Atteberry for Attebiz Movie Reviews.

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