I recently got my HD tv and a bluray player.  Happy to use it with us my wife’s mother got us our first disc.  Limitless starting Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish and Robert Deniro this film has an interesting story with some interesting twists (honestly small twists).

Eddie, played by Bradley, is a bum with no future.  The movie goes out of it’s way to show this.  He contantly fails at what he does and everything around him is awful.  Lives with his girlfriend that pays their rent, he is worthless, not very intelligent, non-hygienic, nothing very special at all.

He is quickly dumped by his girlfriend who is stick of his childlike lifestyle, she had grown up, and was ready for a different future.  His ex-wife’s brother offers him a special pill and he reluctantly takes it.

“Human’s only use about 20% of their brains, NZT-48 (the special pill) lets you use all of it,” the movie narrates to us.   Let’s just leave the rest of the plot at that.

The cinematography was nice, some basic frames, but a few of them were fun especially towards the end of the movie.   You could tell the director knew what he was doing and wanted to add a little bling to his scenes when eddie was drugged.  The film suddenly became brighter, you could really tell when he was on the drugs and wasn’t.

Bradly did a decent job, the script wasn’t amazing though so he didn’t have much to work off of.  Bradly plays a decent role, but I think he was only hired for this looks.  I guess it gets the women to the box office and that matters to a lot of people.

I’m wondering why they spent so much of Robert De Niro.   Robert did a decent job, but for a role like this one they should have used a different actor.  I’m guessing, and this is only a guess, that De Niro is not a cheap man.  They don’t even have him on the DVD poster.  What sense does that make?  De Niro’s latest work is not that great, put in someone else and it would have been better.

The script was not very creative, but you could tell they tried so I’ll give them that.  There are only so many stories out there.

Rotten tomatoes gave this movie a 70%, I give it a 75%.

For now, this is Nathan Atteberry for Attebiz Movie Reviews.

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