Green Lantern

Green Lantern left a feeling in my stomach.  The feeling was that I spent too much money on a movie that wasn’t worth watching.

I hate to dis on this movie.  Green Lantern is second on my list of favorite super heroes, second only to the great Superman.  The man has the ability to form almost anything with his mind, he has will power, and the heroic sense to save a solar system if needed.  He stands for a greater cause, to clean up the crap in the world and protect the universe from great evil.

I don’t want to blame Ryan Reynolds.  The problem didn’t arise from him, the problem arised from the script and the directing.  There are so many things that I didn’t like, things that could have been done better, and just disappointed me.  It is almost hard to think of some good elements of the movie.


Was there any?  I think they wanted us to think that way.  The two many leads Hal and his lady friend, I don’t even care what her name was, were suppose to emotionally draw us into the movie.  Not always critical in a movie.  Sometimes it isn’t needed.  But if you bring up romance in a movie you better do it right.  Hal was a screw up his entire life.  The reason he took on the ring’s power towards the end of the movie was to prove to himself and his lady that he wasn’t going to be a screw up anymore.  Not going to live off of his fathers reputation anymore. He needed to prove that to her, but he barely did.

I can’t recall feeling less of a connection between two people.  Was it Ryan’s fault?  No.  It was the bleeping script.  It was awful.  I would believe they were brother and sister more than lovers.  Remember the love connection the two main leads in Batman Begins showed.  Bruce and Rachel.  They knew each other from childhood.  They had spent their lives together.  Through thick and thin.  The connection was most certainly there.  I wanted that feeling in this movie and it wasn’t there.

Annoying Extras

Tom, the annoying assistant.  Was he there for comic relief?  I’m not sure.  But he bothered me. It seemed like we spent too much wasted time on people like Tom.  Bug off and show me more power ring action.


Yuck.  Hector played by Peter Sarsgaard was underutilized.  He wasn’t evil enough. He was as frightening as a bad professor.  Not the end of the world sort of thing.  I generally like the actor, but he was not good in this movie.  Again I think this falls back to the direction of this film.

I can deal with the weird blob attacking the world. It looked silly by the way, but at least make it scary.

Special Effects

Some of the scenes actually looked good.  When they went to the home planet of the Green Lantern Coprs, it was pretty epic.  Reminded me, not as good as, of the nice scenes that were given to us in Thor.

But as I keep on saying.  This movie failed me.  I heard that they had to pull in more animators late in april to finish up the movie.  Maybe they were pushed too quickly.

Why in the world was his suit CG’ed.  Was that needed?  How about we not see every muscle and vein in Ryan’s body and focus on the story plot.  More men will be watching this movie than women.  Not to be sexist but how about we show more form fitting clothes on the women.  It would make more sense on a marketing stand point.

What was with the flowing green power behind his lantern symbol on his chest?  Looked like graphics that I made with photoshop back in 9th grade.

As a sudo comic book geek his outfit really bothered me.  It was too hollywoodized.  It was a bastardization of the comic books.  Hal Jordan was fit yes, but he did not have a skin tight outfit like portrayed in the movie.


My last rant of the day.  The director, Martin Campbell, did a horrible job.  Not sure if it’s completely his fault or the million of producers.  This was just a plain bad film.

Disconnected story line. Lack of emotion.  Lack of feeling.

Remember that feeling you heard when Clark Kent pulled down his tie and ripped open his shirt.  His shield portraying the confidence that help was soon to come.  Power and strength in the moment was provided by his need to react, highlighted by the music.  It was a grant feeling.  I bet you can hear the music in your head right now.  The feeling that he was a super hero.  Now think of this movie.  I don’t recall any feelings that jumped me out of my seat. Any push to think that he was a good guy and he was here to save the world, the galaxy if needed.  No.  The movie had grand CG scenes, but it was not grand.  I felt no power, no confidence in my super hero.  That feeling was needed for a movie about a SUPER HERO.


This is Nathan for Attebiz Movie reviews

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