Super 8

I really liked this summer movie. Not just sort of liked it, I really really liked it. It was very well done. I sort of have a man crush on J.J. Abrams so this review might be soft of biased.

He starts the film in the late 70’s. A bunch of kids are producing their own movie that one of the kids had written. They find a slightly older girl that drives them out to the train station to film one of the scenes. They begin filming as a train goes by and a truck tries to ram the train. The train derails in a fire and brimstone ball of hell. Something escapes the train and causes havoc on the city. I will leave the rest of the plot up to the watcher.

This movie is very reminiscent of some of Spielberg’s older films. He happens to be an executive producer on this film so his hand tends to be very present in this film. You can barely find a review around that doesn’t bring out this similarity. I don’t see the connection as much as most but you can’t deny that it is there. It is just a fun movie. Think of Indiana and the Last Crusade, The Goonies, E.T.

I’ve heard the complaint that this movie is too much of a children’s movie. That might be true but that doesn’t make it a bad movie. Movies don’t need to have excessive amounts of cussing or nudity to put it on the good spectrum. Movies can be much more, and I believe this flick had the guts needed. I hope this becomes a children’s classic like The Wizard, Princess Bride, The Never Ending Story.

The only person I remembered ever seeing before was Kyle Chandler, the coach from Friday Night Lights and the guy from Morning Edition. The main character, Joel Courtney, was respectable. For his age and the type of film he was very solid. The rest of the characters were mostly your run of the mill children, but they did their job and did it better that most adults. I’ll give them thumbs up for their jobs.

The movie pulled me in on so many levels. This is what I like about movies like this, something that has good CG but also has a decent plot line behind it. Take Star Wars the newer trilogy for instance. Good CG, horrible film. This movie stands out among its peers in my opinion. Production value, strength of actors, and remembrances of old time summer movies. I walked out of the theater with a smile.

This movie is a solid 90%. The train wreck seemed over the top and I didn’t understand why only a truck derailed an entire train. And for heavens sake J.J. please stop shining a light into my eyes. I like how you introduce errors into the filming media so I might forgive you.

This is all for now about Super 8.

Your friend and lowly writer, Nathan Atteberry

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