X-Men First Class – Dual Review


First class was fun and a delight to watch. For some reason I believe I was the only person in the universe to have liked X-Men 3, the movie for me wasn’t that bad. I am a geek to the core but I have never been crazy about comic books and such which gives me a somewhat naïve perspective on this movie and X-Men 3.

This movie is slightly different canon to the other three movies. If you are a hard-core fan of the classic X-Men you will find some huge errors. From what I hear this movie is based on the First Class canon that is different than what most comic book readers are use to. Sort of like how the new Star Trek movie destroyed Vulcan. We’re set back in the 60’s where the gang was first created. Xavier and Erik are meeting for the first time and everyone is starting to hone their powers more and more. We see things like cerebro and Xavier walking which is different than what we are use to.

First class was epic beyond belief. Literally set during the cold war. Russia and the United States are nuking it out on the coast of the Cuba. At the major story line revolves around this. Xavier and Erik form a crack squad team of noobs to take on the villainous mutants led by an evil mutant, Kevin Bacon, that can absorb energy and shoot it back out.

Not the best film in the universe but it’s worth a watch. The movie was fun and refreshing and certainly better than Wolverine. Some of the CGI was iffy and a few of the younger mutants needed to go back to acting school. January Jones is not a good actor. The director just liked her cleavage.

85 out of a 100. Worth going to theaters and perhaps owning the film when it comes to blu-ray.


Against all odds, I’m not going to talk about the continuity that this movie might or might not have with previous X-men movies. I’m just going to grade the movie on its own merit.

And holy crap did it knock it out of the park. For the most part.

First, the acting. The acting by just about everybody involved was excellent. The characters are all multi-layered and three-dimensional, much the way real people are. The angst and drama they suffer through feels real and is played very well. Although I’ll concur with Attebiz on Emma Frost being weak.

Everything about this movie felt BIG. BIG emotions, BIG storyline, BIG drama, BIG subtext, etc. The grandiose nature of the story really made it an enjoyable experience and really drew the viewer into what’s happening on screen. Mostly. There were a couple times where I felt like a bit too much was going on, specifically when the movie would cut back to a certain subplot and I would think, “Oh yeah, they’re still in this movie.”

Ok, screw not talking about continuity, there’s one thing I have to say. SPOILER ALERT.

In the last scene, Mystique is faced with the decision to join Magneto or Professor X. In this version of the story, Mystique and Xavier are step-brother and sister. They’ve grown up together for 15 years and been through a lot together. And Xavier is accidentally shot in the spine, resulting in his legs being paralyzed. Then faced with the decision to either go with Magneto, who said she was cute a couple scenes previously, OR HER BROTHER WHO SHE’S GROWN UP WITH AND WHO WAS JUST EFFING SHOT, she sides with Magneto. Why? The only possible reason I can think of is that Mystique was working with Magneto in the previous trilogy, so she has to end up working with the bad guys at the end of this movie to create some semblance of continuity? But even if that’s the case, why not save that story arc for the inevitable sequel?

I don’t know, she just had no reason to do what she did.

But anyway, I still really really liked the movie. 89 out of 100

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