Movies I Can’t Believe I Forgot

With all the lists and reviews that I throw out there, I sometimes forget to include certain movies in lists. This is probably directly related to the fact that I usually don’t put as much thought into the lists that I should, mostly because when I’m inspired to write something, I lose interest within 24 hours. And since a lot of my writing is done in my down time at work, I tend to miss things.

So I figured that I’d take a chance today to acknowledge the ones I left out.

Three Amigos (1986)

Left out from: The Steve Martin DVD Sound Bite

I feel like a bad person for forgetting to put The Three Amigos on that list. Probably part of the reason that I forgot is that it’s really a hilarious movie all around. The three movies I did mention were all completely carried by Steve Martin and would have failed without him. Chevy Chase, Martin Short and whoever the hell played the villain El Guapo all hit it out of the park in his movie. Every time I watch it I can’t stop smiling. Anybody who ever watched The Three Amigos can probably quote a plethora of lines that had them in stitches.

Oh, and of course, it had the best musical number of all time.

Nuff said.

87 out of 100

Lord of War (2005)

Left out from: Movies Starring Nicholas Cage That Were Good in Spite of Starring Nicholas $#%&ing Cage

In retrospect, I have no excuse for leaving this one out. I loved the movie, I was thinking about it when I wrote the post, it just got left off somehow.

Lord of War stars Nicholas Cage as Yuri Orlov as Nicholas Cage, a man who takes up gun-running and turns out to be really good at it. It’s not so much about the characters on the screen and more about the morality of what the character does. He always finds a way around the law, even if it’s manipulating the slightest of loopholes to escape legal repercussions. And, to be fair, he’s just meeting a need. People want to buy guns, and he supplies them. If he didn’t, they’d just kill each other with spears, right? Maybe. Lord of War grapples with morality on a depth that you don’t see very often anymore. Definitely worth your while if you can stand Nicholas %&$*ing Cage for two hours.

84 out of 100

Green Hornet (2011)

Left out from: Being reviewed.

Honestly, I just couldn’t find that much to say about this movie. I mean, I enjoyed it and all, but there wasn’t much to say. The acting wasn’t that amazing, the humor only worked about half of the time and the bad guy was disappointingly bland (which is especially a bummer since they got Christoph Waltz fresh off of his Oscar win for Inglorious Bastards). In the end, I felt that I enjoyed it by and large, but it had a few glaring issues that kept it from being as amazing as it could have been. Check it out once if you’re a Seth Rogen fan. Everybody else would probably find it unbearable.

57 out of 100

For Attebiz Movie Reviews, I’m the J-Man.

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