Dexter Season 1

For those of you that don’t know.  The Showtime show called “Dexter” is about a serial killer that witnessed his mother die as a kid.  Since then he’s been a monster.  Good thing his adoptive father happened to be a police office and wanted to harness, train, the monster inside of Dexter.  The monster is a big part of the show and is very important to every episode even till the last season, season 5.

What this show is – Dexter is a serial killer.   He doesn’t just randomly kill people, he finds the scum of the earth. The rapist, killers, the people you don’t want at your wedding and kills them.  He has an animal instinct to kill so instead of killing randomly, he kills bad people.  He justifies himself this way.   It’s a code that he lives by, and it controls his inner monster.  It’s his way to survive and fit into society.  He hides very well who he is and it’s gotten him to where he is now.

Suspense – Oh goodness this show is epic.  I literally watched one season in the matter of three days.  I couldn’t stop watching it.  The story plot if very intricate and the end of the season a huge twist to the story is revealed.  The show will keep you on your toes for sure. The pacing is good, the season is only 12 episodes and it’s filled with love, death, and more death.

Gore – Almost every episode of Dexter someone dies.  Comes with the plot device.  Dexter kills because he’s a serial killer.  He doesn’t just go out and shoot people.  He stabs them in a plastic lined room, and then proceeds to cut them up and put them into bags.  The end of everyday for Dexter is throwing the bags into the ocean to hide the evidence.

He also happens to be a blood spatter analyst.  Ironic.  All the nice pictures and fun are shown on the tv.  Makes Law and Order look like a children’s show.  You see various shots of dead people, severed limbs, heads, blood, etc.

That being said, I never found myself very squirmish watching the show.  Perhaps because I knew it was fake.  I never thought twice of what I was seeing.  The show does hide Dexter actually cutting limbs off, thanks Showtime for that.

Dexter Season 1 is one of my most favorite seasons.  First we learn who Dexter is, then we dive into his past, then we dive into what made him into the monster.  The show is most certainly worth watching.    This show not for children, and your parents probably won’t watch it.   The story is not about the violence it self, but Dexter.  He admits to in his voice-over that he is a monster.  What made him the monster and how he deals with it everyday.

Dexter Season 1 92/100

This is Nathan himself for Attebiz Movie Reviews.

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