I am Number Four

I am number four is a mash up of a lot of current sci-fi themes out there.  The movie focuses itself around a boy from an alien planet living on earth.  He is one of the 9 remaining people of his planet that survive.  His planet was consumed by another alien race that sadly still hunt his kind.  He is one earth for no particular reason it seems other than to hide from the attacking alien race.  Alex Pettyfer plays John Smith, yes John Smith, trying to survive on earth as a teenager.

Very Familar

This movie seemed like a mishmash of a lot of other themes.  Watch it and learn.  Ever see a episode of Smallville.  Just like that. 

Teenage Feelings that I don’t care about –
Too many teenager feelings.  Felt like a slightly better version of Twillight.   I don’t care about how bad your life is according to you..  You don’t fall in love in two days.  Not possible.  Blah Blah Blah, this movie is written for a 10th grader female.

Poor Villain –

The villain (villain race) was really weak in this movie.  I never understood any of their actions.  The great deal of this movie was about the life of the John Smith and the plot high was just an afterthought.

One of the things that bothered me was the fact that they insisted they had to hunt the children down in order.  Starting with number 1, moving onto number 2 and so forth.  They made no clear reason why this was the preferred method.  Why would the Mogadorians, the bad dudes,  do that.  They seem to move across continues relatively slow.  Why don’t they knock off everybody in Africa and then move on to eurpose, Asia and then the Americas.

Not only do they hunt each other down one by one, but they do it very slow and with the worst transportation.  They are a freaking alien race.  Why are they driving SUV’s and semi trucks.  They could zip around with their most likely faster-than-light ships and find the kids very very quick.  Instead they travel on the highway.

Why are the kids so scared to put their pictures on the internet.  Why is this such a huge deal.  They have a flipping advance alien race after them.  They most likely have the ability to find them a little better than surfing facebook.

Slight Changes could have made it better

I was a big sucker for the special effects.  I’ve always wanted to be able to push things with my mind.  Turns out I was born human so most likely that won’t happen.  And for that I liked his abilities.

This movie wasn’t horrible, just not good in anyway.  I want to give this movie a 50%.  Anything that reminds me of maybe someday becoming a superhero is a good day.

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