Home Alone

The one and original Home Alone is a classic.  Home Alone originally hit theaters in around Christmas of 1990.  The movie instantly became a Christmas Classic for Millions.  This movie is one of my favorites. It’s really cute and the original to a line of movies very similar to this.  Please do not judge this movie on the squeals (the second one is not bad, the third is).

The famous Macaulay Culkin is in the film.  I’m certainly not a huge fan of Macaulay lately, but his earlier work is not that bad.  He plays the scared but intelligent kid very well.  He’s plays a very good 8 year old, most child actors of that age are horrible (take Harry Potter for instance.)

Home Alone (film)
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The plot is pretty simply.  The main kid, Kevin (Macaulay), gets left at home while his rich family flies to Paris for Christmas.  Half way there Kevin’s mother notices that she left her child at home and does everything in her frantic motherly ability to make it home.  Meanwhile there are some brainless burgulars at the family homestead that are trying to make staying at home alone for Kevin a little dangerous.  Kevin eventually fights off the criminals with cleverly hidden booby traps. There are certainly some laugh out loud moments.

It’s certainly a warming movie around the Christmas season.  I highly recommend it.  It’s not a very deep film or thought provoking, but just good holiday fun.   You can watch this on any cable channel during the Holiday Season.


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