Marley & Me

Marley & Me is a pet lovers paradise.  Staring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson as they start a life together and eventually a family.  Owen, the primary owner of the dog, is a reporter in Florida that gets a column.  He starts to write columns about his adventures with his dog.  So we see the dog grow older and Owen’s family respectively.  They have three children along the way. Owen feels a little depressed about missing out on being a big time reporter like some of his buddies.

This movie is cute and a tear-jerker for pet lovers.  Let’s just say that my girlfriend was crying her eyes out at the end of this film.  As I assume a lot of people did.  Guess what, the dog dies of old age at the end of the movie.  It’s sad, but it’s life.  Don’t call me a cynic because of this.  I just knew what was going to happen all along.

I was upset that this movie didn’t seem to have a central focus.  Was the movie about the dog, or was it about the family.  The family story didn’t seem to be complete.  He moved on to being a reporter at the end of the movie, and right before Marley dies complains that he wants to be a columnist again.  So what happened to this entire story line?  I have no idea.  The movie never told me.  Was the movie about the dog?  Sort of.  The dog was there the entire move.  I felt he was just a way to push the story line forward.  It wasn’t about him completely, he was just there.

The acting was pretty good and I can’t complain at all.  Owen Wilson is top notch.  He’s really a good actor, and can play well into a lot of different scenarios.  Jennifer Aniston didn’t do that bad either.  She can play a good secondary actress I suppose.  Her role was minimal compared to Owen’s.

Overall I liked this film. This movie deserves a 70%.  Buy it for your wife, she will love you for it.  You can find it on Amazon for $10.48.

This is Nathan Atteberry for Attebiz Movie Reviews

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