Knight and Day

Knight and Day staring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz is a summer popcorn flick that covers a CIA agent that appears to have gone rouge and he is trying to protect a battery that a young genius inventor has created.

This movie is your typical summer popcorn flick.  The characters could have been broken down more, more detail into who they were and why they did the things they did.  I understand that Cameron Diaz worked on cars because her father did.  But the rest of her character traits did not portray that fact.  I just didn’t understand it most the time. There was no on screen chemistry between Cruise and Diaz either.  They did’nt seem like the match made in heaven, but somehow they magically fell in love during the film.  Basically not spending any time with each other but madly in love.

The action scenes could have been better also.  Cruise and Diaz drug the each other radomly multiple times in order to show that something happened, but the other person had no idea what was happening since they were asleep.  Seemed like a way to just save on the movie’s budget to me.  Some of the fighting was fun, and interesting.  I don’t know how Tom could have fought off 20 guys without more of a hassle, but I guess it’s good that bad guys have no aim.

I don’t normally complain about credibility of movie plots, but this one seems a little far fetched.   I don’t normally complain since I am an avid sci-fiction fan.  Traveling at faster than light speeds doesn’t bother me as much as this script does.  The young genius that I mentioned before invents a battery that creates perpetual power.  The battery never runs out. Never.  “Better than the sun.” Perhaps I could understand something like this if it was 2452, but 2010?  If we had a way to make a battery perpetual, then we would no longer have a energy war.  War for oil, gas, etc.  Bullsh** I say.

Well the movie was fun, something you can have on your television while you are doing some homework.  Nothing you would want to go out of your way to see.  I hate to rate this movie bad, because for the most part I like Tom Cruises screen performances.  This movie was too unintilligent for me.  I need more beef I suppose.

I want to give this movie a 45%.  Rent if you choose to waste money.  You can find it on On-Demand like I did for $4.99.

For Attebiz Movie Reviews, this is Nathan Atteberry

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