RED is an action film based on the semi-popular comic book series with the same name.  The story follows a retired CIA (Bruce Willis) agent as the government has marked him as RED, Retired and Extremely Dangerous.  Along the way he meets a lady, Mary Louise Parker, and she helps him figure out why the government wants him dead.  This movie also features Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Karl Urban, Richard Dreyfuss, Brian Cox, and Ernest Borgnine.

Bruce Willis
Cover of Bruce Willis

This movie is a lot like Space Cowboys, by Clint Eastwood.  A little unbelievable, but still fun.  It’s a sign of the good old days as my grandparents might say.  The movie revolved around that idea.  The old guys and guys beat the crap out of the new breed of CIA agents.  They were more experienced, and had lived life.  They knew how to fight and be classy at the same time.

The cast was solid, but their performances were only so so.  It seemed like a few of them were there because they had a few extra days to do filming.  Moran Freeman seemed like he didn’t even want to be there.  I really enjoyed Karl Urban’s performance in this movie.  I think any guy could have a man-crush on him.  His role was solid and he could really play a good action role sometime in the future.

Some of the fighting scenes were ridiculous, but I was ok with that.  How come bad guys can never hit anything?  There is one set piece where a CIA agent shoots a missile at Marvin (Malkovich), so he does the logical thing.  He pulls out his pistol and shots the missile down.  Believable?  No.  Badass?  Yes.  It was in your face craziness and it was awesome.

John Malkovich at 44th Karlovy Vary Internatio...
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The movie had more spirit than “The Expendables” did.  A movie that a lot of people have been comparing it to since it came out this year also.  It was more enjoyable and more heart felt. RED dealt with aging in a more intelligent way than Expendables did, but to be fair, these are two different types of movies.  Apples and oranges.  The Expendables was written by morons, and RED was written by someone not named Sylvester Stallone.

This movie gets my thumbs up.  Not a perfect film, the pacing was a little slow to begin with.  The score was only ok.  I give it a 70 out of 100.

Thanks again, this is Nathan Atteberry

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