Superman Movie on the Way…

My computer’s name at work is superman.  My wallpaper on my computer is superman.  I’ve seen all 9 horrible seasons of Smallville.  To mildly say it, I like Superman a lot.  Don’t laugh; don’t laugh too hard.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 23:  The Superman c...
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Rumors are flying around about the franchise.  Christopher Nolan the director of the Dark Night and Inception is thought to be the executive producer of the movie. Combine my love of Superman with Christopher Nolan and my world explodes.  Crazy rumors are flying around including Natalie Portman playing Lois Lane.  Even Darren Aronofsky (Wrestler) is currently in talks to direct the movie too. I’m very interested to see if and what Darren will do to the franchise.  Will Superman have a darker sense to it?

2 thoughts on “Superman Movie on the Way…

  1. The amount of attention given to the next Superman film is heartening, although there is one thing to keep in mind: The last movie had Brian Singer involved, fresh off of X2, which was probably one of the best superhero movies of the time (before Dark Knight, of course). Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor? Awesome. But Superman Returns was by and large a letdown. And a bastardization of America’s favorite superhero.

    The point being….all the talent in the world doesn’t guarantee a good movie. But I am hopeful too.

  2. A bastardization? Quite a harsh word. The movie was good, just lacked action. It was Hollywood saying, “Don’t forget about your caped hero.” I enjoyed the references to Brando. He’s a legend.

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