Date Night

Date Night is a fun movie staring Steve Carell and Tina Fey.  The movie is simple, but fun.

Steve Carell at the Screen Actors Guild Awards...
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Tina Fey and Steve play a typical American couple with long stressful jobs, crasy over-energized children, and a boring love life.  A couple friend of theirs told them them the sad news of their separation due to monotony.  This news freaks Tina and Steve out, and they deciede to have a fun and exciting date night in the city. Long story short, they get caught in a criminal chase as they steal reservations at a club and thus are mistaken to be a different couple.

The entire process brings the couple together and they renew their love for each other.  It’s a cute movie and I really enjoyed it.

Lets talk about type of humor.  Tina Fey and Steve Carell are funny people.  They don’t need to resort to sex jokes the entire night, they truely are masters of humors. It wasn’t ridiculously  dirty like the hangover or Knocked Up or movies like that.  I really appreciate screen writers that can make movies and not resort to dirtyness.

I wish there was a little more LPM (Laughs per minute) but I can get over that.  The movie was well rounded in general.  I did get a good laugh from Mark Wahlberg’s appearance in the movie.  He’s always there for a good laugh.

Not perfectly shot by any means, not an Oscar winning flick but it was an enjoyable movie none the less.

This movie is a solid 65 out of a 100.  Worth a rent.  For Attebiz Movie Reviews, this is Nathan Atteberry

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