Comic Book Movies in the future…

I’m pretty excited about Thor.  The screenshots look great, and the actors seem top notch.  Chris Hemsworth, Kat Denings, Natalie Portman can all have a thumbs up from me.  Remember Kirk’s father from the beginning of the new Star Trek Movie.  He happens to be Thor.  Directed by Kenneth Branagh, the same guy that did Valkyrie, and Pirate Radio.  Hopefully the characters don’t seem corny, Thor seems to be in full uniform all the time.

Captain America

Captain America looks awesome.  I love World War II and according to Slashfilm, that is when the movie takes places.  Captain America is kickass and I’m excited to see this film.  Staring Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, and Hugo Weaving, the ensemble seems promising.


Perhaps over the top, but can a comic book movie do such a thing?  Be over the top?  The director is amazing, Josh Whedon.  The same guy that did Firefly and Buffy.  Worth the watch I think.

X-Men First Class

I don’t know much about this film.  The director is the same guy that did Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn.  Matthew is a little arogant.  But X-Men is always fun for me.

This is Nathan Atteberry, have a good night.

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