J-Man’s DVD Sound Bite

I haven’t had a chance to see a movie in theaters for a couple weeks, so I was struggling for what to review.  I decided that rather than a full-on review, I would give you a brief rundown on some of the movies I have seen in the last couple weeks and give you my opinion on them.

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints:

The gist: This 2006 drama was written and directed by Dito Montiel, on whose life it is based.  It tells the story of how tough it was for him to grow up in Queens in the 80s, what with gangs and street crime and so on.

My take: Weak.  I really had a difficult time feeling sympathy for the characters, because in many cases the tragic situations that they ended up in could have been avoided by not being stupid.  Example (spoiler): one character is killed when he is hit by a train.  A train.  It’s on tracks. It’s not exactly difficult to avoid that.  If you really want to watch a movie about how hard it is to grow up in *insert location here*, watch City of God.

Score: 41 out of 100

The Brothers Bloom:

The gist:  Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody are the titular brothers, who make a life out of conning people.  Kinda like a modern version of The Sting, but with less Scott Joplin piano.

My take: This movie was a lot of fun.  The characters are well played, the directing is competent, the dialogue is sharp, you really care about what’s happening and it makes you laugh.  Check it out.  Just don’t tell me how it ends, the disc I got on netflix was scratched so I haven’t seen the last 10 minutes yet.

Score: 78 out of 100
The Losers:

The gist:  Picture the A-Team in bright, colorful comic-book form.  And more ethnically diverse.  Now throw in Don’t Stop Believin’ and a lot more comic relief.

My take:  Definitely worth seeing once.  It has the best cliches (everybody walking in a straight line together) and the worst (outrunning an explosion) and the plot is as predictable as can be, but it is such a fun movie.  Even the bad guy is funny (in the right way).  The first scene with our well-dressed villain is absolutely hilarious.  The visual style is interesting (if nothing new) and Zoe Saldana is just hot.  That’s all there is to it.

Score: 70 out of 100

The Brothers Grimm:

Ugh, I don’t feel like bothering.  Just don’t watch this movie.

Bubba Ho-Tep:

The gist:  Elvis Presley and his best friend, an elderly black gentleman who thinks he is JFK must kill a mummy.

Yes, I’m serious.

My take:  Bruce Campbell for President 2012.  Bubba Ho-tep is a funny movie that also has a lot of heart.  It really delves into the issues that face aging, and shows people grappling with the fact that their best days are well behind the, as well as how society seems to neglect them.  As much as I like Army of Darkness and My Name is Bruce, Bubba Ho-tep is probably now my favorite Bruce Campbell movie.  It’s awesome.

Score: 84 out of 100

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