Starship Troopers I

Starship Troopers is an Oldie, a movie that came out in 1997.  For someone my age, that was a long time ago.  It was the in the time where Titanic was dominating the silver screen.

There is one thing that I can say about Starship Troopers.  Over the Top.

Obviously that is what they were going for.  Violence, love, nudity, gore, the entire shindig.  I was ok with it though.  The movie was fun and exciting, drew me in and I really was excited for watching the sequel.  (By the way, don’t watch it)  It was really fun, and I would certainly recommend it as a nice Saturday Night Sci-Fi flick. 

The move started out slow, telling the story of three friends from high school who joined the federation military.  It was laced with Military Propaganda.  The move was suppose to cynical of society, the humans in the movie fought huge insects.  These huge insects being emotionless, seemed to be the same as the humans in many situations.

It was cynical of man-kind, but that is typical of Sci-Fi genre movies.  Feel free to watch it as a rent.

I would give this movie a 65 out of 100.

Bizzlized by Nathan Atteberry

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