Alas, one of my predictions was proven wrong.  Probably.

Earlier this summer I predicted that The A-Team would make more money than The Karate Kid. That was foolish of me, looking back, because The Karate Kid boasts a PG rating and as such has more family appeal than The A-Team.

Now, I didn't see The Karate Kid, because every time I watch Jackie Chan in something post-Shanghai Noon, I die a little bit inside.

But I did take the time to catch The A-Team.

And I was so glad I did.

The A-Team is everything movie critics hate and filmgoers love.

It's dumb, it's fun and I enjoyed every minute. 

The main characters were perfect.  They were the same guys you saw in the show, but at the same time made it their own.  Not unlike Star Trek, the characters (and for that matter, the movie) were something that you would like if you had no knowledge of the show, but would enjoy even more if you did.

Liam Neeson is awesome. That is all you need know.

The action was a bit cheesy, but less than horrid.

There is a subplot involving BA becoming a pacifist after six months in prison. It's an interesting venture into giving the film some depth. Plus, it's actually a logical character progression. When people are in jail, you have nothing to do. So you read. BA reads books about Ghandi and becomes a pacifist. Does it come out of nowhere? Yes. Does it work? Eh, not really, but I appreciate the effort and it isn't focused on enough to be a detriment.

Speaking of detriments, Jessica Biel is absolutely gorgeous and completely inconsequential. For that matter, the supporting cast is predominantly weak. They are only there to support, oppose, betray or make out with our dashing male leads. Although I suppose with four main characters, giving any depth to the supporting cast is unnecessary.Ultimately, for how much fun I had, and for the things it does so gloriously well, I give The A-Team 87 out of 100.Would have been just an 85, but I give it two extra points for the fact that the bad guy points out that a (gun) silencer is not, in fact, called a silencer, but rather a suppressor. The way Hollywood thinks guns work has been an ongoing pet peeve of mine.End tangent. 

- Jordan Dehart 

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