Yes I know I’m a little late, but I wanted to do a review of this movie.  Please if you think of yourself as a ‘normal person’ and this movie is just another super hero movie well think again.  Give this movie a chance.  It’s much more.  By the way if you think you are normal, then you aren’t.  Geek is the new cool.

The cast list was pretty nice.  Most of the names were fresh, along with a star trying to get his reputation back.  Kick-Ass is played by Aaron Johnson, a no-namer till this movie.  He was funny and I enjoyed his portrayal of Kick-Ass.   Chloë Moretz plays the violent 10 year old with a streak for killing people.  It was interesting watching a kid drop the F-bomb.  And finally there was Nicolas Cage.  You can say what you want about the man, but he did a good job.  Have you ever seen the Batman TV series from the 60’s.  Nicolas copied his speech mannerisms from the great Adam West.  His character was funny, and I can’t imagine another actor playing the character.  (Maybe Matt Damon)

Kick-ass is a funny, surprisingly deep movie.  Oh my goodness, the range of emotions is clutch.  It goes from a ‘superbad’ish like film to a deep, dark movie.  And they did it very well.  You have the funny side of the story provided by Kick-Ass and then the movie morphs to the story that is provided by Big Daddy.  Big Daddy brings his history with his wife and the villain which brings a lot of depth to the movie.  Imagine going from watching this kid try to fight crime, which is pretty funny by the way, to watching a man burn alive.  It’s dark and deep, and I liked it.  They caught me on a fishing hook, and had me for the entire movie. 

Warning for parents, don’t take your children to this movie.  There is a scene where a guy gets microwaved.  No joke.  Not a kids movie. 

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