Summer Movie Game

So on there is a summer game going on with the guys from TRS, a podcast that I love to watch. I decieded it would be a good idea for us to try and get in on the magic also.

So here we go.

Jordan Dehart

The Karate Kid
I’m not expecting it to be very good, but I have a feeling that the nostalgia factor, Jackie Chan and general curiosity will sneak it into the top ten.

The A-Team
See previous reasoning and change “Jackie Chan” to “The Incomparable God-Man Known As Liam Neeson”

Perhaps the most genius filmmaker of our time Christopher Nolan brings us a film with a concept so confusing that I’m pretty sure even he doesn’t know what it’s about. Seriously. I will buy you dinner and a massage if you can clearly explain the concept of that film based on the full trailer just released. I’m fully expecting it to be the best film of the summer, if not the most successful. But I’m expecting top ten at least.

Prince of Persia
Movie commandment #2 Video game movies suck. But the Jerry Bruckheimer factor coupled with the fact that this film’s trailer is in front of every freaking movie will probably help it out.

Sorcerers Apprentice
I cannot stand Nicholas Cage. However, Bruckheimer again, and Nick Cage does have a fair amount of star power. Also, Apatow alum and Hollywood’s newest favorite everyman Jay Baruchel seems to be pretty popular.

How to Train Your Dragon
This movie is amazing. If you disagree, I will fight you.

Shrek Forever After
I’m officially calling bullshit on that.

Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Never underestimate the power of horny teenage with disposable income when dreamy vampires are involved.

Iron Man 2
Seriously, it’s kind of a big deal. People know it.

Toy Story 3
1. Pixar is yet to turn out a film with lower than a 76% on rotten tomatoes.
2. Toy Story 1 and 2 are generally considered some of their best work.
3. Family friendly.
4. 3D.
5. Trailers and word of mouth are very promising.

Nathan Atteberry

10. Sex and the City 2
9. The A-Team
8. Inception
7. Prince of Persia
6. Sorcerers Apprentice
5. Shrek Forever After
4. How to Train Your Dragon
3. Toy Story 3
2. Twilight Saga: Eclipse
1. Iron Man 2

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