Charlize Theron, Jason Bateman, and Will Smith team up for another super hero movie.  Except for this movie the main character, Hancock played by Will Smith, is a jackass.  Literally.  He runs around from rescue to rescue saving people, but doesn’t do it the proper way.  Drunk, and sloppy, he causes more harm than he helps.

Will Smith does a decent job playing Hancock.  He plays the drunk pretty well, flying around like a mad man.  A lot of his scenes reminded me of the movie Ali.  Not as good as some other movies he’s been in, but I was happy with the experience. 

Jason did a decent job also, although I’m beginning to think that he can only play one role.  Jason plays a forgettable role in this movie as the publicist.  Sort of like his long lost co-worker Micheal Cera he seems to have been typed cased.  I think he plays the roles well, just it seems like he’s only 2D, almost no depth to him.

Charlize didn’t bother me either.  She was so so, could have been played by anybody else just as good.  In the movie she falls in love with Hancock, does she seem like a good match for him, absolutely not.  She plays a good mom and a good love interest for Jason Bateman.

I don’t want to give away too much of the plot for those that haven’t seen the movie yet, but it was quite interesting.  It has two clear parts to the movie, Hancock drunk, and Hancock not drunk fighting for his love.  The two parts seemed disconnected and I wish they were drawn more together.  The movie was fun at first, watching Hancock fail at being a superhero, but then seemed like your typical comic book towards the end.  I got bored with it after a while, and the plot was foreseeable after 45 minutes.

The movie is worth a rent, and worth watching with the family.  An older family I should say.  I want to give it a 75% out of 100. 

For now, this is Nathan Atteberry

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