Zombieland is a very interesting film.  Featuring Woody Harrelson and Jesse Eisenberg, the movie differs from your usual zombie movie.  The movie is a comedy, and a decent one at that too.  Jesse is finally stepping up and wasn’t half bad in this movie.  Woody Harrelson is good in about every movie that I’ve ever seen him in.  It was a very funny film.  

Setup – The setup of the movie was decently done.  Zombies are everywhere in the world.  Almost more zombies than normal humans it seemed like.  The United States was mostly gone.  The population was either dead or in zombie form.  And the few stranglers were fighting to live.  They never offered an explanation to why the zombie attack happened or if it ever gets solved, but I was ok with that.  It wasn’t a serious movie, a far stone throw from “I am Legend.” 

Moving On – The movie was a little gory, but that was to be expected when I went to see a Zombie movie.  Everyone walks around with shotguns blowing holes in zombies.  Whatever you want to say about the inhumanity about it, I found myself laughing about the different ways that they killed the zombies.  I did see it with a college crowd, so you can take what you want out of that.

It even has a little love story which wasn’t half bad.  I felt bad for the actors, they were living in a desperate time in their lives and trying to find romance in the midst of it.  And seconds later I was on the floor laughing.  For a movie to be able to do that, I applaud it. 

Would I recommend this movie?  Most certainly.  Don’t take your kids to it.  87/100 and go ahead and buy it.

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