Bring it On (ABC Family)

Bring it on…

I can’t think of a movie that is worse than this movie.  Imagine every aspect of movies that you didn’t like, find a large cooking pot and mix them all and you get this movie.  I was unfortunate enough years ago to watch Date Movie.  The movie makes this movie look amazing.

Talk about a genre that has been overused and overrated.  The first Bring it On was annoying, but it had a few decent actors, and the director wasn’t half bad.  This movie took it to a new low.  The story plot was not original and some sitcoms have better stories.

Acting.  I’m pretty sure my friends in drama class in high school acted better than everyone in this movie.  Stereotypes were king in the movie.  Take this for instance

“What do you think about that beach boy.”  I think that quote sums up the movie for me.  Trashy.  This movie is not worth a rent or a buy.  It gets a 12 out of 100 in my scale.

This movie is a waste of time, waste of money, and gives the common watcher a big headache.

This is the bizzle signing off for now.
Nathan Atteberry

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