Avatar, directed by James Cameron, is a pocahontus for a modern audience.  A big part of the movie and the advertisement is that the movie is in 3D.  Did James Cameron make a good movie?

The plot was boring.  I don’t want to give away too much of the movie but you can guess the outcome of the entire movie within 10 minutes of the film.  A lot of people said the movie was similar to Dancing with Wolves, and I would highly agree with this statement.  Did I mind though? No.  Dancing with Wolves came out close to 2 decades ago and the genre was bound to be reused.  The plot didn’t have anything that surprised me, or left me in the dark, but I didn’t mind it none the less.

Jordan would say that the movie had a few annoying political overtones to it, but I would have to disagree.  I thought of these “overtones” as merely a catalyst for the movie plot  and nothing more.  Hopefully he can elaborate about this for you guys.  Mostly I believe this is a thought the particular audience member will have to decide on when they watch the movie.

The Computer Animation was amazing.  Am I over-exaggerating? I don’t believe so.  I agree with a podcast that I watched on the movie, I can’t remember the name of it but I’ll let Jordan fill me in on that.  A lot of people asked the question, “If you took away the animation, what would you be left with?”  Well if you took away the animation you would be left with a short, and also boring film.  But taking away the animation isn’t a valid statement for this movie.  I ended up watching the movie in Digital IMAX and was blown away by the animation.

In a few scenes we literally felt like we became part of the movie.  It was intense to say the least.  The depth of the detail was phenomenal.  The entire movie was based on the experience that I had watching the movie.  I guess you could say that about a lot of movies.  I didn’t take anything away with me morally but what I lacked there I gained in the work done by the animators.

The movie is most certainly worth a watch.  Watch it in theaters if possible though.  I think a lot of the experience would be taken away if you watched it at home.  I give this movie a 85%.

Bizzle says so,
Nathan Atteberry

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