Land of the Lost

Land of The Lost staring Will Ferrel and Anna Friel


What ever happened to Will Ferrel’s acting.  I enjoyed the movie anchor man, this is a sad downgrade to his golden days.  Actually it’s what made the movie bad.  The humor was dry, the lines were uninteresting and flat out boring.   Will Ferrel and Anna had no chemistry in romance, nor in comedy. 


Will Ferrel makes a machine that places the team to a place where past, present, and future are all together.  They have to make their way though terrain to find the lost time machine, and kill the uninteresting bad guy. 

At one point in the movie, the main lead played by Will has to run away from a T-Rex.  I hate to compare the scene to another movie, but it reminded me a lot of Night in the Museum. But to be fair to Ben Stiller, a man of many laughs, Night in the Museum did it in a way that made me laugh and didn’t treat me like a 5 year old.  For me the scene was like, “Oh a T-Rex is on TV (Nathan looks at his laptop to check facebook)”  To sum up what I just ranted about, the movie was boring.


Poor, poor, poor!  It’s a bad movie.  39% because I’m feeling nice.   I don’t want to waste me time writing more about this movie. So I’ll leave you with this.  The Devil Wears Prada is a much better movie than this one.

That’s all for now,
Nathan Atteberry

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