Gattaca, staring Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman is a movie that takes place slightly where genetics rule all.

In the future when babies are born, the babies’ DNA is instantly tested for genetically predisposed diseases.  Before birth the parents have their children’s DNA spliced in order to prevent such diseases.  A small population of people deciding not to have their children undergo a gene splice.  The idea was, “Why mess with Mother Nature?” These children are destined to live a underclass life.  During this time period mankind was making considerable steps towards space.  Because of the intense physical and mental requirements to go into space only  the genetically enhanced citizens were allowed to go.  That’s were this story comes into place.

The main character played by Ethan portrays one of these people that don’t have superior genes.  His life goal as you may guess is to go to space.  With the help of Jerome, played by Jude Law, he is able to live in a different social class.  Able to go to space, able to fall in love with a ‘genetic’, the movie revolves around this core plot line here.

A thing I wanted to note before I end this section.  The story here is pretty original.  I wanted to praise this movie for it.  With all of the movies coming out these days.  It’s nice to have something that is original.  Yes I know this movie is over 10 years old, but it didn’t originate from a comic book.  It’s fresh and I enjoy that.  

The movie was intense.  I was awake, at the edge of my seat the entire time.  I don’t want to say too much more than what I’ve said, but the movie just does it for me.  A little bit of Science Fiction, a little bit of drama, and a little bit of romance. Gattaca brings all these elements in well. 


Ethan Hawke did a very good job in this movie.  He portrayed the underdog role very well.  It reminded me a lot of his role in Great Expectations. He’s a believable character, that shows great emotion, strength and confidence all in one package.

Uma Thurman did an ok job, but it could have been portayed by my sister and still gotten the same effect.  She did a good job, but not a great job. 

As for Jude Law.  What can you say about this guy.  He’s a solid actor, and he played his role in Gattaca solid as always.  Does he deserve an Oscar? No. 

The movie is pretty stunning for it’s time.  The colors, sets, all make the movie.  It’s worthy to be called a top box office flick but at the same time it had a small budget so I compliment them on it.

Overall Score

I would rate this movie a 87%.  It’s on netflix instant view so just get it there.

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