August Rush

Although August Rush isn’t a new movie I still wanted to do a review on it. Freddie Highmore, Keri Russell and Jonathan Rhys Meyers star in this emotion driven film.
Plot – * Spoiler * Perhaps a retake of Oliver Twist. August Rush is a ‘orphan’ child due to factors outside of the control of his parents that happens to be a music prodigy.  Along with his story, we find ourselves buried in the lives of his parents and how they separated.  They were both musically talented themselves but broken up because of her father.  The story revolves around us listening to the growth of this kid and his parents relearning music. 
Acting – I do not like Freddie, never have.  He played a similar role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a movie I did not like.  He strikes me as a good role for a oliver twist, but not a music genius.  He seemed far too normal for a role like this. 
Now for his parents, they did superb jobs.  I’ll be honest, I found myself tearing up in a few scenes.  It was because of their acting that I was on the edge of my seat.  This is the first movie that I’ve ever paid attention to Rhys.  He and his onscreen girlfriend completed the movie for me.
Robin Williams played a secondary role in this film.  He was a horrible fit for the film.  I apologize to my readers but I can’t put words to it.  He just wasn’t meant for the role.
I want to like this film, but I have to be fair.  73%, but feel free to buy it.

One thought on “August Rush

  1. I felt the same way about Rhys and Keri…they were great. I'd have to say I liked Freddie too though…he's kindof the epitome of childhood innocence that I think they were trying to capture with the role. However, the plot created an odd sort of stylized emotion that I find hard to appreciate sometimes, with the odd element of Keri 'hearing' her son's music from afar, among other things. I think people either love or hate this movie because of the more fantastical elements.

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