The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth staring Katherin Heigl and Gerard Butler

The ugly truth is a typical romantic comedy.  Women likes Guy A, enlists Guy B (the right choice) to help her get the guy, Women falls in love with Guy B.   The story line isn’t new, but I was ok with that.  Most romantic comedies are the same, so the plot must be good.  Length is good. Let’s see here, cinematography was bland but to be expected.  Let’s dive in
The Ugly Truth is a pretty funny movie.  It’s not often that the crowd, including myself, is laughing so hard that we can’t even hear the next bit of dialog.  The comedy was cleaner than Super Bad (etc..), but still not a movie I would take your children too.  Nothing over the top for adults though.  It’s certainly a good laugh.  
Could it happen?
A few weeks ago I was forced to sit down and watch The Proposal.  What is the difference between a romantic comedy like that and this one.  This one is good.  The plot wasn’t believable, the acting was poor.  The Ugly Truth really outdoes it. 
One song can not prove to me that a couple is destined to be together, which The Proposal tried telling me.  Love came for the couple in the Ugly Truth much slower, but more true.  It was more believable for me.

The top duo, Katherin Heigl and Gerard Butler, did an amazing job for this movie.  They portrayed thier roles well and believable.

Gerard is a very versatile actor.  Ranging from roles like King Leonidas, the Phantom of the Opera, to the scottish lover in P.S. I love you.  He can fit almost any role pretty solid.   Mr. Butler didn’t let me down in this film.  Portayed it believable and was pretty solid.  Thumbs up.

Katherin is a pertty solid actress also.  Is it actor or actress?  (Don’t want to be sexist)  My mother loved her in the Christian film series, Love Comes Softly.  She has also done Grey’s Anatomy all the way to Knocked Up.  I hate to keep on bringing it up but Katerin did a much better job than  Sandra Bullock did in her latest role, as mentioned before, The Proposal.  It’s refreshing to see younger faces lift up the genre again.  The older actors seems to be getting a little complacent with thier roles, leaving the younger actors to come in and do them better.


There are other thigns I could talk about but I just woke up and want to get going for the day.  Rotten Tomatoes gave this movie a 15%.  I would recommend a much higher rating of 75%, but rent the movie please. 

That’s all for now, this is…
Nathan Atteberry

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