Star Trek

Star Trek, written and Directed by J.J. Abrams is the prequel to the 1966 fan favorite Star Trek the Original Series.  The show was the beginning of 4 more series, books, fan conventions, and a dozen movies.  The show starts out as Captin Kirk begins a 5 year mission, “To Boldly go where no man has gone before.”  The show in the 60’s was indicative of the times, three years before the landing of man on the moon.  America and the world was looking up to the ‘heavens,’ and finally able to reach them.

Fast forward to the year 2009.  Star Trek is loved by thousands, if not millions of geeks alike.  We have a international space station above our heads all the time now.  The world has changed, but we are still starting our adventure into space.  JJ was tasked with preparing a movie that was not only popular to the fans, but to the average joe.  Did he succeed.  Yes he did, sort of.


I wanted to give the beginning of this movie it’s own section.  If you are worried about the cost of a movie, the first 10 minutes of this movie makes it worth it.  If the credits were to come after the first 10 minutes I would have been happy.  It had everything that I would ever want in a movie.  Action, some awesome SciFI beginnings (kirk’s birth), guns blazing, intense classical music, and some amazing special affects.  It also hit our emotions which is always a plus when I rate movies, my girlfriend at the time start tearing up when Kirk’s father died. Rmemeber that this is all before the opening title appearance, the first 10 minutes of the movie. 

Rant #1 done.

Plot?  * Spoiler *

In the Star Trek Universe everyone tries to be so diplomatic.  It’s annoying.  But it’s what Gene Roddenberry wanted so we all deal with it. For 40 years we’ve been forced to swallow the Prime Directive and crap like that.  No one cares.  There is a scene in this movie where the Enterprise just comes in guns blazing.  Something not normally done.  I loved this.  Stop talking about people shooting you, and just shoot back.  It gave energy to the movie.

I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!

The action seemed well balanced with everything else. As a side note, the plot is actually a mover for the introduction of the characters.  Yes the main villain, Nero, just had his planet destroyed. But does anyone care?  I didn’t. The movie failed at drawing me into his character.  Perhaps JJ was trying to get the movie not to drag on. Instead of trying to kill Spock for 20 years, wouldn’t you go home and warn your people.  Nero’s reasoning was flawed and silly.  

Connections * Spoiler *

There is a lot of history in the “Star Trek Universe.”  Canon has been been written into hundreds of books, movies and episodes.  But for nearly 10 years now the genre has been dying.  Pretty clear from the support of Enterprise.  There is a lot of constraints on the the writers and what they can do.  So what did JJ do, he blew up Vulcan.  The planet is f’ing gone.  Am I ok with that.  Yes I am.  It changes everything, but it needed a reboot, so I’ll deal with it.

As a treat to me and others like me, a few things are placed in there to make me happy.  A random ensign in a red suit, etc.  Stardates actually make sense in this movie, but differ from any other movie. 

Logic   * Spoiler *

If you step back from the movie, and look at some of the facts of the movie.  The movie didn’t make too much sense.  Why would a miner have so many weapons?  Why does a huge ball and a small drop of red matter do the same thing? Why would a cadet be promoted to 1st mate in his first hour on the ship? 

Over all I liked (perhaps loved) the movie

I would rate Star Trek a 89% and recommend it as a buy.

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Nathan Atteberry

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