Adventure Land tries to be amazing. But falls short on pretty much any plain. Staring Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg.

Grade: 68%

I wanted to give this movie a higher rating, but I couldn’t. I sat watching this movie with a few friends that were really biased against this movie. But it had some very cool parts that I need to comment on.

First. I did like this movie. I do recommend it, but as a rent though.

The movie moved and was written like a great movie. But I would have to say that it failed at hitting any of the points that it was trying to get across to us. It’s hard to put to words, but trust me, it was meant for higher things.

Movies like this push towards the ending with a emotional grabber. It’s easy to pick out too. When ever a movie wants you to feel emotion for a character, the music slows down. Slows almost to a stop. With cords that are simple and plain. Either that or the beating of a bass drum. It draws us to the character. This movie tried to push us to this plain, but fell short a step or two. Was I suppose to feel bad for him? Maybe, but I didn’t. I’m sure the movie was going to the Garden State feel to Jesse’s character, but it didn’t do it for me.

I came into the movie expecting a Junoish film sort of like I mentioned before. A very indie movie, that vibrated my soul. It had some decent music, along with great supporting cast members from SNL that livened the day. That’s pretty much it though. It was far and few between.

Kristen Stewart did a very good job in this movie. Coming from a rebound from twillight, she was really quite good in this movie, and I wouldn’t let her past block you watching this movie. She played the role with three times the feeling and acting ability as her previous film.

The movie could have been better with just a few changes in dialog. But sadly I didn’t see it.

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