Mission Impossible – Fallout

Last night I was able to watch the latest Mission Impossible with Lindsey.  Fallout is the 6th film in the series and certainly did not disappoint.  The last two movies were great and this one just pushed up the expectations just a notch.

I read and watched quite a few reviews on this movie and I have to agree with almost all of them.  This movie was excellent.  I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys a good action movie.  Sitting at a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes I wouldn’t disagree with giving it such a high mark.  The cinematography was amazing (nice wide shots), the action scenes were great and the entire story was overall very well balanced.  Well done.

Every single type of action was a high caliber delight.  I was on the edge of my seat a good part of the movie, especially the last half an hour.  I’m not joking either.  The car scenes were redonkulous, the helicopter ride was nail-biting, the jumping out of a plane scene was crazy.  Every single part was well done, the top quartile of each and every type of action.  It was well executed and it was very enjoyable.

One additional note, this was a very good spy movie as well.  I think some of the older MI movies fell into a Rambo category, this was more of a James Bond flick.  There were some very good twists in the movie that I wasn’t expecting.  Maybe I’m naive but I enjoyed being caught off guard.

This movie gets a 4.8 out of 5 from me.  This is Nathan Atteberry for Attebiz Movie Reviews.

The Lost World: Jurrasic Park

Watching Jurrasic Park II while Lindsey plays Zelda in a different room.  A chance to dive into the movie and write and I also don’t get yelled at for bothering her.

This movie is distinctly different than Jurrasic Park I and I really appreciate that.  The more I watch this series the more I notice that Jurrasic World is just a replay for Jurassic Park in the modern era.  AND the graphics aren’t any better.  So I appreciate them continuing the series but I now have a better appreciation for the older stuff.

When this movie was made Jeff Goldblum was the bee’s knees.  It could be argued that he still is when you think about Thor 3.  That was Jeff just being Jeff in that movie.  During this time we had him in Independence Day and he was riding the wave from JP1.  He was doing quite well for himself.

That being said, I think the argument can be made that he lacks the charisma to hold a movie like Will Smith or even Sam Neill.  Especially for the 90’s where summer popcorn flicks were key and anything artistic was secondary.  Not that Jeff Goldblum is bad, just he doesn’t have that main character vibe needed for a role like this.  I think that may be the number one failure of this movie was the story direction by using him as the #1 character.

His relationship with Julianne Moore is quite terrible.  Lacking any chemistry it really puts a hamper on this movie.  I’ve seen more chemistry from a middle school musical.  They were both big names at the time but the matchup was not very solid.  They are solid actors and you can see the pedigree there.  It was a good attempt, but it fell flat.

I want to reiterate that I don’t dislike this movie.  It may seem I do since everything I’ve said so far seems negative but it is lacking in comparison to JP1.  I think a movie needs to stand on its own legs and this movie certainly does, just not as well.

CG was used more than in JP1.  This is the difference between JP1 coming out in 1993 and this coming out in 1997.  It’s actually not that bad and to be honest not that much worse than JW1 or JW2.  It certainly is noticeable and I think the designs were better in the previous movie.

The movie does have a story that is unique and better and some of the other sequels.  The beginning is slow and moves like molasses but the climax gives us the same gusto/pacing that is required for it to be called a Jurrasic Park movie.

My ranking of the movies.  Best to worse.

  1. Jurrasic Park 1
  2. Jurrasic World 1
  3. Jurrasic Park 2
  4. Jurrasic Park 3
  5. Jurrasic World 2 (Don’t watch this movie)

This movie isn’t terrible but nothing I would try to watch again.

5/10.  This is Nathan Atteberry with Attebiz movie reviews.

Ant Man and the Wasp

Today I was given the chance to watch the latest Ant-Man movie, dubbed Ant-Man and the Wasp. I want to give my opinion before reading any other post online so here it is.
Overall I liked this movie and I think it may be the most enjoyable movie out since Dead Pool 2. The best MCU movie of the year. It’s no secret in the circle of friends that I hang out with that I didn’t really care for Infinity War. I thought the movie was slightly boring and just so-so. Lots of hype for nothing. This movie really gave us a better, more rounded movie.


I thought the action was well done in the movie. Some of the choreography was new and very creative for what you could do with someone that could shrink, and enlarge themselves at will. I was always at the edge of my seat and I really enjoy that feeling while watching a movie. The possibilities are endless having that power and they gave us some cool shots of what could be done.
Slight tangent, MCU has finally started to show some of the hero’s powers more effectively.  In Thor 3 we were able to see a solid 5 minutes of Thor using Mjolnir. That was some of the most creative use of a magical hammer I could think of. Those 5 minutes were better than the previous 2 Thor movies combined. I think this movie continues the use of portraying weapons better and I really appreciate it.


Back to Ant-Man – I thought the acting was well done overall. No one had a breakout performance but no one really sucked. I enjoyed Paul Rudd (and who doesn’t) and his performance was solid as usual. The weakest character was most likely Ghost but more to come on her later.

The two things I didn’t like about this movie was the main villain and the fact that some of the humor seemed forced. At two distinct times, it was actually quite bad. Luis did a great job in Ant-Man 1 but this time he was at times annoying. Not terrible but not good. MCU has a certain pedigree to it and even the ‘bad’ stuff is better than many other movies.


The villain is maybe one of the worst in the MCU, maybe second to that of GoTG1. Ghost was boring, forgettable and lacking any redeeming character. We are meant to feel bad for her as she was forced to live with endless pain every day but they portrayed it really poorly. I didn’t care at all. I think they would have been better off not having a villain and giving us something the main characters were fighting for instead of an enemy.


For Attebiz Movie Reviews, this is Nathan Atteberry

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

I recently got the chance to take my family, my sister and my ‘baby’ brother to the movies.  We watched Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

There is one particular thing I want to mention about this movie before I move forward.

It’s nice to see a father figure in a role that promotes the idea of becoming a father instead of making the father look like an oaf.  Too many times in movies and TV shows fathers appear to have mud as brains.  Society is in need of fathers, and although I’m not one yet it is clear that they are needed today more than they have ever been.  Mothers birth children, yes, but the father’s role is always overlooked.  Broken families sadly, often, bring broken children.  Sometimes it’s not possible to fix these broken families I understand.  Mothers, please continue doing the great job you are doing.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman is based on a skit that was apart of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.  The small segments were fun but short but packed a lot of heart.  This movie was true to the original minus the bit about being short.

Mr. Peabody is a genius dog that adopts a boy, Sherman, and becomes his father.   Because of his status with helping politicians, creating inventions, and so forth he is able to convince the courts to grant him the adoption of Sherman.  Usually, this is the other way around but the movie talks not of this oddity.    The two, soon accompanied by the local bully girl, have fun across time and space to meet some funny historical figures.  We see them meet Leonardo Da Vinci, the Trojan war, the French Revolution and numerous other historical events.

The antagonist of this movie is actually the CPS worker that disagrees with a ‘dog’ taking care of a human child.  The movie goes to great length to show that even a dog can love a human like a real son.  Even if that means defending his right to his son.

The graphics were on par with the movies of today.  The CGI was solid but also cartoonish at times.  This was done on purpose with great effect.  The time machine’s effects were very cool and the final shots were amazing looking.

This movie is a very funny movie for the ENTIRE family.  There aren’t many out there nowadays.  Please take the time to take your children, grandchildren, etc.

This movie is a solid 80 out of a 100.

This is Nathan Atteberry for Attebiz movie reviews.

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